Top 4 Best Auto Clicking Apps for Android Games to Download

Auto Clicker Apps For Android

If you are here then you probably know what an auto clicker app for Android (with and without Root) is and exactly why you need it. But in case someone stumbled upon this article and wonders what an auto clicker app for Android actually does, it’s basically an app that automatically clicks on a point on the screen.

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They can be used for numerous reasons but mostly they are used for video game automation and sometimes for ad manipulation. No matter what your reason is, the 5 best auto clicker of apps for Android will make your life a lot easier.

Important Note: Most of the apps require a rooted device to work properly, it is highly recommended that you try the below no root required apps first and then go for the rooted ones.

Unfortunately, most of the apps will require a rooted device to work properly. So, if you are looking for auto clicker to work properly you can root your device using this one click root software.Although we had one more website which provide free auto clicker which help you to automate your mouse clicking.

Auto clicking app for Android may seem simple enough, there is actually a lot of thought behind almost all of them, and they also provide other useful automation functions such as image detection and button detection.

Of course these are all advanced features and you may only need the auto clicking functionality, which of course is readily available on all of these apps.

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Note: The 5 best auto clicker apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Sony Xperia Z smartphones. The apps worked fine on both smartphones and no problems were faced during the testing. You don’t even need to have an active Internet connection for these apps to work which is a big plus.

AnkuLua Game automation

[No Root Required]

If you are playing a certain game that is getting repetitive or tiresome but you still want to beat your friends, this is the best app for you. Ankulua: Game Automation allows you to perform certain actions without the need of your manual inputs.

I’ve certainly played my share of farming and daily challenge games that get boring after a while but I still wanted to be ahead of my friends in everything.

I wish I had this app back in the days of Farmville and Mafia Wars. However, if you are still into games that require a set number of actions each day, this is a great app.

With this app users can, click on picture, wait for pictures to appear and disappear, type text, drag and drop from one picture to another. Sure the app will take some time to set up for each game but if you want to get ahead, this is your best option.



This app allows you to string together different blocks on a flow chart to achieve what you want. While it may be far from an autoclicker, with just a few combos you can easily make it one.

Especially, if you want to time the inputs or make a schedule that will activate certain clicks on a specific time. Not only can you easily set up your Android to automate certain things but also easily activate apps and perform functions.

This is a great way to start your app automatically, and then implement a set number of actions with ease. One great thing about this app is the complete absence of ads whatsoever, the premium version only unlocks the use of more than 30 blocks, which I think is more than generous.

HiroMacro Auto-Touch Macro

HiroMacro Auto-Touch Macro

[Root Required]

HiroMacro Auto-Touch is one of the most popular auto clicker apps for Android and is perhaps the first one as well. It has been around for a while now and is used by thousands of users.

You will need a rooted device for the app to work, this is exactly why so many people are giving the app a negative rating on the Google Play Store page.

I tried it on an unrooted Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and it doesn’t work at all, but it works just as intended on a rooted Sony Xperia Z phone.

The app allows you to record certain taps on screen that can easily be played back when needed. I had no troubles at all while playing around with the app and I recommend it to anyone who just wants a simple auto clicker app for Android.


[No Root Required]

AutoInput is one of the few autoclicker apps for Android that doesn’t need a rooted device to work properly. However, there is a catch, you will need to have Tasker installed on your device because this is just a plugin for that app.

If you are not familiar with Tasker, be sure to check out our Tasker Review and Tasker vs IFFIT comparison articles. You can easily get a 2 week trial of Tasker to try out this plugin though, which can help you to determine its worth.

There is also a 7 day trial for AutoInput as well so you can make sure if this is what you need or not. Overall, the app plugin is getting a lot of praise from anyone who used it and I’m sure you’ll like it as well.